Anime Del33ter

Copyright 2008 Ron Dippold / oldtaku

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Thanks to Seravi for the Beta Testing.

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What This Is

This is a dumb little utility that uses mencoder ( to convert anime episodes from mkv, mp4, asf, wmv, etc. to avis so they'll play on media devices. when we want to use the Xbox 360 or PS3 to show stuff on the big screen for a group, or I want something to play on the Nokia N800, they just don't play reliably (or at all).

I call it Anime Del33ter because hardcore mkv-tards dismiss this need with 'lol y would u play on anything that cant handle mkv lol' and there are still baffled comments from the subbing groups about 'y r more peeps dling the .avi than the .mkv lol', but I just want to watch anime. Screw your dogma. So here you are: this script has evolved to handle all the weird files I've run across so they'll all eventually play. Groups who release in both formats and don't force me to use this, I love you, keep it up.

-- Ron Dippold / oldtaku

Release Versions

v1.00May 08 2008First 'real' release for all platforms.
v1.01May 08 2008Drag and drop for Windows
v1.02May 08 2008Fix a dumb crasher bug that got lost.
v1.03May 08 2008Get rid of drag and drop reg change, it acts weeeeird.

For All Platforms

About the Subtitles

None of the subtitling options actually do anything if you're converting a file that has subtitles hardcoded, so if you're getting really crude looking subtitles or a bizarre looking font that's probably what happened.

The included trebuchet font should look quite nice. You won't get any styled fonts though unless you set the SUBTITLE option to -ass: and that crashes windows mencoder, at least the build I have.

Running Multiple Instances

Two pass conversion uses a temporary file to hold the info, but I tell it to use a different file name for each conversion process so if you have a quad core feel free to run two instances (or more) at once till your machine groans.

DOS Batch File Version


Multiple configs

Just copy the .bat file to a new name and change the options. The config options are 80% of the file, so separate config files would be a waste.

Skipping/Duplicate Frame Messages

Don't worry about the 'Skipping frame!' or '1 duplicate frame(s) notices you'll see. This is perfectly normal for mencoder.

Python GUI Version

This is the version I really wanted for myself. Just drop the files to convert on it and it'll show you the important info about the conversion progress.


MS Windows Drag and Drop

Unfortunately, the Windows python install doesn't register python files as drag and drop handlers, so you can't just drop your files to convert on the program. You can do the following to fake it:

Multiple configs

For now just make copies and change the options, but I'm seriously considering a command line option to allow importing options.

Why the estimates are off

The time remaining in the Progress: bar is what mencoder guesses, which seems to be wildly optimistic sometimes. The 'Est Time:' at the top is what I'm guessing based on the number of files, the time it's already taken so far, and the percentage done. So these numbers can vary quite a bit.

Also, while you can put the system into standby or hibernate while this is running and it'll come back fine, all the time estimates will be completely off because neither mencoder or del33ter detect this and think it's been running the whole time.

Linux/BSD/Mac OSX Shell


or, for command line version: