Polite Mangadex Downloader

Small side project to manage reading your manga on Mangadex, a resource for scanslation groups. The UI is ugly, but functional, and it doesn't burden the site. Bug reports to sizer99 at gmail.

Mangadex V3

Mangadex just completely changed its layout to v3. Sadly, this layout is less parseable than previously, but PMD 3.x.x will find your new favorites and download them as long as you go to settings (https://mangadex.org/settings) and set 'Reader' to 'Legacy'. As of 3.0.7 I think all of the functionality is back.

3.2.7 is a quick bugfix edition

  • Fix: Crash when save options contains a lone { with nothing after it.
  • Fix: Favorites URL I was using would occasionally show 'Dropped' manga chapter and we'd grab it. Use a different URL which has only 'Reading' manga.
  • Fix: If you have a very custom date/time format (like '0859 011219') C# would write it, but crash on read. Force DB datetime to be standard format.
  • Improve: Have InnoSetup installer grab the actual current version (ex '') and show that in the add/remove programs list instead of default '1.1'.
  • Download v3.2.7
    Readme and Change List

    This POLITELY downloads your new manga chapters from Mangadex. It's less of a burden on the server than if you were reading it on the site. It only looks at your follows pages to find new chapters, so even if you have 800 follows it only has to look at one or two pages. Cheap! It's got a queue, but only fetches one page at a time, and it waits a few seconds between pages. It takes a while to download. That's okay, just fire it up and read it all later that night.

    It's for people who like reading manga offline fullscreen on our tablets with a full-featured reader like Perfect Reader.

    Getting Started: Normal Use: FAQ: (probably) Thanks to: