Polite Mangadex Downloader

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Small side project to manage reading your manga on Mangadex, a resource for scanslation groups. The UI is ugly, but functional (like this site), and it doesn't burden Mangadex. Bug reports to sizer99 at gmail.

This POLITELY downloads your new manga chapters from Mangadex. It's less of a burden on the server than if you were reading it on the site. It only looks at your follows pages to find new chapters, so even if you have 800 follows it only has to look at one or two pages. Cheap! It's got a queue, but only fetches one page at a time, and it waits a few seconds between pages. It takes a while to download. That's okay, just fire it up and read it all later that night.

It's for people who like reading manga offline fullscreen on our tablets with a full-featured reader like Perfect Reader or Manga Storm.

Jun 4 2019

Fix for new thing where group name can be null on Mangadex new chapters. Thaanks to everyone who reported it!

May 19 2019

Mangadex has turned off Cloudflare Google Captchas for now - it's wonderful, suddenly things just work again.

Version 3.6.15 - Jun 04 16:30 PST
  • Fix: Chapters in followed list could suddenly start having a null group name even though the group id was okay. In this case we will just ignore the blank group name instead of trying to do anything with it.
  • Version 3.6.14 - May 23 1:10 PST
  • Fix: Null reference in _recheckChapters_cb Again, several people reported this (thank you!).
  • Version 3.6.13 - May 19 12:23 PST
  • Fix: 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object at .. _recheckChaptersForSeries()' Several people reported this (thank you!).
  • Version 3.6.12 - May 05 3:48 PM PST
  • New: Options tab has new min/max settings for random delay between page gets. This is now upped by default from 2-5 seconds to 5-10 seconds to keep CloudFlare from triggering. If you are getting a lot of CloudFlare redo errors (403, 503), try setting this higher.
  • New: Will try doing CloudFlare re-auth if it happens during an image get. This doesn't happen in the US, but apparently some countries are getting 503 errors on individual pages. Note that some chapters have 403 errors on a single page no matter what, like chapter 12 of Isekai Ekisha no Kissaten - this seems to be an issue on Mangadex's side.
  • Version 3.6.10 - Apr 18 9:17 PM PST
  • Fix: Running new version with old PMDL databases throws a 'can't find image column' error.
  • Version 3.6.9 - Mar 28 7:23 PM PST
  • Fix: Harden database reading against rare bug which shows up as 'Specified cast is not valid'.
  • Version 3.6.8 - Mar 27 11:34 PM PST
  • Improve: New version detection shows change notes and offers to install.
  • Fix: Clearing series search filter would show unfavorited (deleted) series. We remember but hide them in case they show up again. This unhid them.
  • Version 3.6.7 - Mar 23 2:40 PM PST
  • Fix: Site layout changed slightly for series pages, so 'Add series from URL' was getting a blank title. Tried changing to something more robust for future site changes.
  • Version 3.6.6 - Mar 21 3:14 PM PST
  • Fix: stray reference to 'language' could cause a problem on find new with new databases.
  • Improve: Just look at the last part of the cover name to see if we need new cover (saves some unnecessary downloading)
  • Version 3.6.3 - Mar 20 8:23 PM PST
  • New: PMDL now fetches the translated language info for each chapter, and makes it available as an Options -> Save -> File Name entry. Use {%L} for full name ('French') and {%l} for 2-letter abv ('fr').

    For example if you had: '{%s}\{v%02v }{c%03c }{%t }{ - %03p}' saved chapters look like 'Aria\Aria v02 c07 Utopia.zip'

    Using {[%l] } (notice the space): '{%s}\{[%l] }{v%02v }{c%03c }{%t }{ - %03p}' -> 'Aria\[fr] Aria v02 c07 Utopie.zip'

    You can put the {[%l] } anywhere you want between the other {}

  • Version 3.6.0 - Mar 14 11:12 PM PST
  • New: Add 'Colors' tab - yes, we now have themes! Try *Perfect Blue. Mostly because I wanted a Dark theme, but also because I've never tried color theming an app. These are saved in your database. If you make a good theme, Export it and email me, I'll add it with credit if I like it. There are a few things that aren't themed, like MessageBoxes, but all the main tabs are.
  • Version 3.5.2 - Mar 11 3:21 PM
  • New: Ugh, now they're doing CAPTCHA. This is the worst. Well, okay, if you need to solve a CAPTCHA, I now pop up an extra browser window for you to do the stupid 'pick the boxes with the bikes' or whatever they want, then I take the auth tokens when that's done. It's too annoying to be done automatically, which is the entire point.

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