/python_call module.function argument

This calls a function in a python module you have loaded with /python_load. Since the code is already byte compiled, this is the fastest way to execute python. And since the entire rest of the line is considered the argument, you don't have to worry about quoting issues.

/python_load mymodule
/def -mglob -p9Fq -thowdy howdy = /python_call mymodule.howdy %{*}

This will call mymodule.howdy() with the entire contents of the triggering line as the argument whenever it matches a 'howdy' in a line. The real power comes when using TinyFugue's powerful triggering and matching systems and using a different method for each trigger type.

For a more complex example, see the included tf-lib/urlwatch.py which catches all urls going by and writes a url launching page.

See tf python for calling back into TinyFugue.

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